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Röscher Pharmacy, Kroonstad

Committed to excellence

At Röscher , we are committed to deliver excellence in health to the community in Kroonstad, South Africa. Recent government regulations have caused a great deal of turmoil and uncertainty in the retail pharmacy industry. We have a page providing information on the new pharmaceutical regulations in South Africa regarding retail pharmacy.

Total Health

This website has a strong emphasis on the total health and well being of the individual. Our health pages are dedicated to issues concerning health, wellness and complimentary medicine. Pharmacists at Röscher Apteek is Frik du Plessis

Complementary medical products

In addition to our dispensary we have a wide range of complimentary medical products ranging from vitamins, dietary supplements, homeopathic medicines and even water purification systems. We provide for the total health and well being of the individual as opposed to simply dispensing medicines after (often avoidable) diseases have taken hold. Remember, it pays to stay healthy, do not take good health for granted!

Pro-activiely maintaining health

An overwhelming body of evidence points to the fact that pro-actively maintaining good health reaps substantial benefits for everyone! At the very minimum a good multi-vitamin should be taken daily. Most people require a series of vitamins and dietary supplements to counter the negative effects of our sedentary lifestyles and over-refined and over-processed western diets.